About me


I have always had a fascination for the oceans, but what really propelled me towards marine biology was getting my dive certificate in the Meditteranean back in 2000. The experience of floating through another world is fascinating and quite addictive. As I was studying Biology, I found that we know relatively little about the world’s seas while what we do know consists of one amazing fact after the other. Having now completed my PhD on coral reef ecology, I think that even our current knowledge on how these widely admired areas work is limited. This is cause for concern as we are damaging and over-exploiting them without understanding the consequences. Having done a few years of research, I now aim to improve the public’s knowledge of the current state of the world’s marine life. Besides these professional interests, I am fascinated by science in general with astronomy as a personal favorite. My personal way to relax is experimenting with new recipes and cuisines.